September 11th

13th September, 2001

I was driving along the Rhein Gorge, stopping at the occasional Schloss to take a photograph, and at the occasional cafe for Kaffee und Kuchen. Looking around, I mused to myself how blessed I was to live in the west as such a time. The world seemed such a peaceful place for such as me, and we could make brief acquaintances and little friendships with so many open people and enjoy the beauty of places like this without fear. That was about midday, German time, on Tuesday the 11th of September 2001. A few hours later, I was sitting in a pub, drinking Limonade with tears running down my face as I watch the incomprehensible footage as downtown Manhattan melted.

At least I was aware of the golden moment before it passed.

Candle vigil
A spontaneous anti-terrorism vigil in Heidelberg, Germany, 11 September 2001


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