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<img src="albums/bridal/long_shot.jpg"/>

This shop is just down the road from us. The window is a delightful curiousity, with
the kilts and emerald dress to the right, and the strangely dusty looking formal wear
to the right. Astute readers may recognise this window from George Pal's classic film,
The Time Machine.
But wait a minute. What the hell is that bride doing?

Um . . . .
<img src="albums/bridal/personality.jpg"/>

<img src="albums/bridal/hand_closeup.jpg"/>

Yeah, that's what I thought she was doing! But you can at least take this opportunity for this <a href="bridal/personality">Instant personality test</a>.

I wasn't happy with the photos, so went back for a second go. This one isn't much better, in fact it's worse! And of course the devil is in the detail. Because until this moment, I hadn't realised that Britain was a Moslem country because, if you look closely . . .

<img src="albums/bridal/handless_long.jpg"/>

<img src="albums/bridal/handless_closeup.jpg"/>
. . . because the poor bride has now paid the ultimate punishment for her iniquity, and has had her hand chopped off!

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